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Customer Testimonial: Lacey’s Open and Inviting Kitchen

An absolute pleasure to work with. Contractors and laborers are well informed and helpful and FULL of ideas to help get the job done. Work was done well and in a timely manner. Our home feels LIKE A HOME now! Would HIGHLY recommend!!

“It was small. It felt small. It was kind of like a cubical kitchen. We were looking for more light. More air. More of a bigger room. More usability. It wasn’t very user-friendly. The company was doing some houses around us. And we were like, “Ok! Let’s get a quote!” It was just the right time. So we opened up the wall. Turned it into a bar. Moved the refrigerator onto the back wall. Closed up the back door… moved the backdoor to the window. And now we have a nice airy kitchen. 

So Joey and Kevin showed up and just started pulling cabinets off the walls. They were like ok, we’re getting this done. This was a wall that went all the way up. We changed it from a 12-foot beam and we put a 16-foot beam all the way across. 

Sergio was amazing and we sang his praises to Kevin and Joey because he really knows his stuff he’s really efficient and he’s a pleasure to have in your home. Because you’re having people in your home. And so he was great to have around. 

The countertop guys were amazing. What they did and how they did it. They set up in the front yard and just knocked it all out. And it was like, “Done!” here’s your counters. And that was amazing to watch. 

Everything was fantastic. The whole process. We went over every little detail. We made sure everything was right. 

We were like, “Ooo we got a new kitchen, we’re gonna host Thanksgiving. My mom and my brother came. It was really great having the bar, where people could sit and talk. And we are able to be in the living room and still talk to people in the kitchen. 

It changed the feel of our home. I’ve had friends over who were like it feels more inviting. The flow of the room is better than it was before. 

It’s changed our whole home. It’s our main room. This is where people hang out and now it’s a big open and inviting space.”

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